Our science program is designed with interactive science demonstrations, where students will participate in science activities designed to solidify concepts taught in the classroom.

They will have the opportunity to see chemical reactions and the often dramatic visual effects of those reactions. This lab will help students find the answers to such questions such as “why is the sky blue?”, “what is static electricity?”, “how does lava flow”

Our Curriculum 


  • How Stuff Works – Explores everyday fun questions that engage a child’s curiosity directly, such as How does a bike work? What’s inside a toaster? Why do cars slide in the rain? What makes a cushion soft? and How a refrigerator works.  This foundation breaks down everyday questions into building blocks that all kids can relate with.
  • Science Fundamentals – Children fundamentally know the basic rules of their world, like apples fall from trees and sharp objects will pop a balloon.  Here we will investigate core science principles such as electricity, Netwon’s forces, magnetism, properties of materials, water, properties of light, density and measurement. Some common questions would include Why does honey move so slow? What is a magnet? What is gravity and how does it work? What made that balloon rise up? 
  • Planet Earth & Green Technology –  Children wonder about the natural world every day. Understanding the relationships between our environment, the solar system, animals, humans and energy sources is what this foundation is all about.  Topics include How to clean up oil spills and water ways? Why beavers are so important to ecosystems? How to make their own rechargeable batteries?  What’s different about organic strawberries?
  • Creativity & Design – If your child likes to build and solve prolems, they will love creativity & design. While How Stuff Works breaks things down, Creativity & Design builds them back up. This foundation is all about how things are made, construction, aeronautics, and accessing their true creativity with hands-on science. Example questions explored would be how could you live in a mountain? Can planes fly up? How to build skyscrapers?
  • Physiology & Food Science – Does your child wonder why her heart beats, how her stomach works, or is she curious about why she needs to eat healthy foods?  Kids will turn these questions into hands-on experiments that teach them the mechanisms and functions of the human body as well as the relationship between food, nutrition and energy. This series brings the concepts together to explore topics such as Where did the burger go? What does our heart look like? How to dissect a bug? Why does bread get stale? What is a cinnamon and why does it smell so good? What exactly is “taste”?
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