10 Reasons to send your child to a Christian school

There are so many reasons out there for why you should or should not send your student to a Christian school. Try googling it. You will get thousands of them. Here we have a list of only 10. Ten reasons why sending your child to a Christian school is important and life changing in most cases. At the end of the day the most important reason to send your child to a Christian school is because it prepares them to live a life that glorifies and is honoring to God. This isn’t to say that it’s not possible at home but rather Christian schools encourage this growth from home and public schools reject the concept.

  1. You are accountable to God for what your children are taught in school. What your children are taught in school should be a direct extension of your parental views. (Proverbs 22:6, Luke 6:40)
  2. Christian schools offer a better level of instruction. Standardized test scores have shown that the scores of Christian school students are consistently higher than state and national averages of their peers in public schools (Stanford Achievement Tests, ACT, SAT…).
  3. Children do not grow spiritually stronger in a negative Christian environment. Students do not become stronger Christians by being taught non-Christian thinking…and there is no such person as a “neutral” school teacher who neither advances nor inhibits religion.
  4. The Bible remains the most important book in the education of your child. Without the Bible, education is nothing more than the blind leading the blind.
  5. The Christian school provides an opportunity for your child to witness for Christ. There are always some students who need the Savior, and Christian students are trained and encouraged to reach these peers. Presenting Christ as Savior is not illegal here and is fully supported by the school authorities, parents, and school board.
  6. Christian school educators teach all subject matter from a Christian context. They put the Bible at the center of the curriculum and ask the student to evaluate all they see in the world through the eyes of God.
  7. Christian schools support the family as the number one institution of society. Christian school educators train students to respect their parents.
  8. For all practical purposes, public education has been taken over by atheists, humanists, and moral relativists. There is no mention of God, man is the center of his own destiny, and objective moral standards are treated as absurd.
  9. Christian school educators maintain discipline in the classroom and on the playground. The Bible teaches, “For whom the Lord loves, He disciplines…” And it is within that context of love that discipline is carried out in a Christian school.
  10. Your children are gifts from the Lord. We are responsible as parents to train them according to His Word not only at home and in church, but in school as well. Public schools no longer represent the personal parental views of Christian parents.

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