Our Mission Statement

Bethany Christian School exists to love, educate and train students to be ambassadors of Christ

Our Vision

BCS strives to be a Christian School whose vision is to partner with families who desire an education that is in its entirety Christian. It is our hope that a child's experience within the community of our Christian school enhances God's purpose for the Christian family.

BCS provides a quality academic program within a Christian climate.  However, within 20 miles of our campus there are a dozen schools that could say the same.

Distinction is defined as “a difference or contrast between similar things or people”.  Parents have options when it comes to Christian education.  The question that should be asked is “what distinguishes BCS from all the other schools in the area which would make it the best choice for parents?”.

BCS Distinctives are committed to…

  • Teaching and demonstrating the importance of a genuine relationship with Christ.
  • The development and maintenance of a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for our students.

Our campus is fully enclosed within an eight foot fence.  All visitors must be identified prior to admittance via an electronic door covered by a camera.  Security cameras cover all entrances, gymnasium, cafeteria and playgrounds.

Programs are specifically designed to encourage students to feel they are a part of a school family.  We want them to know they are valued and loved.  BCS exists for our students.  Nothing else is more important.

  • The continual development of an academic program that prepares students for college and a career. Student success is our goal.
  • An open enrollment. Diversity in race and financial status is important to us.

We believe our student body accurately depicts our culture.  We believe that this environment best prepares our students for a successful transition into adult life.

Open enrollment does not mean that there is not an enrollment process which carefully evaluates a student’s potential for success within our program. Students must meet a certain criteria which includes behavioral history, academic performance (diligence), sensitivity to the statement of faith and respect for authority.  Any history of fighting or bullying is an automatic decline of enrollment.  The climate of BCS is the key to our program’s growth and success.

  • Providing the opportunity to attend a Christian school regardless of their learning challenges.

The Bethany Christian School resource center provides the instruction, direction and insight into the teaching strategies which will aid students with unique learning styles.

  • Employing only the best instructors. Employing excellent Christian educators is not always a simple task.

It requires many interviews and screenings.  We have been blessed with a great faculty.

Everything we do is to meet the needs of our students.  BCS does not presume to be better than others of a like purpose.  This is simply what we are and why we do what we do.