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BCS Clothing Program

 Bethany Christian School has a traditional school uniform program. Studies have documented the benefits of school uniform programs including safety, improved academics, and less social tension. Our program provides plenty of options to allow students to express their individuality. At the same time, school personnel can easily identify someone who doesn’t belong. This program strikes an appropriate balance. It can even reduce stress at home as decisions about what to wear become less complicated.

Better academics, less stress, and student safety are the key benefits to our uniform program.

BCS Uniform Standards & Rules

  • Uniform Polo Shirts (K5-12th grade)- Use attached order form and return forms and payment (cash, check, FACCTS SIS Account) to Rosie Carpenter at main campus
  • Pre-school t-shirts, use attached order form and return form(s) and payment (cash or check) to Rebecca Leach at the pre-school.
  • PE Uniforms: Required 6th-8th grades
  • Close toed-heeled shoes. PE students MUST wear athletic shoes!
  • For Friday spirit wear, PE, and sweatshirt/hoodie clothing, see Rosie Carpenter or front office of main campus.
  • Bottoms are navy blue or khaki, uniform style. They can be purchased at your local clothing store, and they must match the colors and requirements listed below. Girls: shorts (2 inches above the knee), capris, or pants. Boys: shorts or pants. (NO CARGO SHORTS/PANTS)