Middle school

At BCS, we educate the whole person – mind, body and spirit – to make the middle school experience an enriching, inspiring and memorable part of the journey toward adulthood.

Middle School programs and curriculum are similar to our elementary standards. Students are challenged to critically think, while being taught biblical themes of Creation, Fall, and Redemption as lenses through which to view academic disciplines.

Biblical Worldview

Using the Word of God as the moral and educational compass, for each subject, helps instill the standard of right and wrong as we learn.

Academic Rigor

We engage students with age-appropriate content and help them develop the ability to analyze, critically evaluate, and create new ideas or products.

Critical Thinking

We want students to think, so we use inductive teaching, discovery activities, and probing discussion questions to develop thinking skills.

Technology Solutions

We believe that new research and technology can improve learning, so we are continuing to employ new technologies to support Christian educators.


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