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Why is STEAM education important?

For far too long in education, we’ve been working with the presumption of teaching to ensure our students get a “good job”. But what does that look like?  We are preparing students for jobs that might not even exist or have become irrelevant.

We are at a point where it is not only possible, but imperative that we facilitate learning environments that are fluid, dynamic, and relevant. None of us go outside and look at a tree and say, “that’s a tree, so that’s science” or, “the sky is blue, so that’s art.”

Our world is a beautiful, complex, and intricate tapestry of learning all in its own right. 

Integrating concepts, topics, standards, and assessments is a powerful way to disrupt the typical course of events for our students and to help change the merry-go-round of “school.”

It takes what we do when we open the doors to the real world and places those same practices in our cycles of teaching and learning. So we can finally remove the brick walls and classroom doors to get at the heart of learning.

In order to accomplish these goals, we consider a variety of factors, including:

  • – Collaborative planning with teachers and parents
  • – Adjusting scheduling to accommodate a new way of teaching and learning
  • – Professional development for all staff in STEAM practices and principles
  • – STEAM schema-mapping for the curriculum and assessment design process
  • – Alignment and unpacking of standards and assessments
  • – Seamless lesson implementation processes and strategies

STEAM is about critical thinking, asking deeper questions and processing information that results in problem solving. This concept is a vital part of education that we do not see in many schools today. We want to start asking non-Googleable questions and solving them ourselves.

It is no easy task to teach and train students to think outside of a box created by secular thinking. The benefits of STEAM reach far beyond what we can imagine and encourages students and teachers to form real-life connections. We want Bethany to not just be a place for learning but a place to experience learning itself. 

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